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Alteration Appointments

Chicago Alteration Appointments:


  • All Garments must be clean and unworn prior to bringing them in for a fitting.

  • Please bring anything you plan on wearing with your garments to your fitting. 

  • we cannot store garments that are not being altered. please plan accordingly as we cannot hold on to your garments prior to your appointment. Nor can we dispose of anything post appointments. 

  • We only accept credit/Debit cards at this time, payment is due at the end of the initial fitting.

  • Alterations canceled after the initial fitting appointment will incur a fee of 15% of the total cost of the alterations ($10 minimum).

  • For any consultative questions, please reach out through our contact form prior to booking an alterations appointment.

  • Pickup appointments will be scheduled to try on each garment to confirm the work with our team.  This is not required, however we are Not able to address any issues identified after you leave with the garment/s. These appointments are an important part of our process.

  • We do not offer work on the following: leather, Fur, Suede, Down, bags, Zippers, swimwear, underwear, costumes, jerseys, stretch fabrics, household items, patching or mending fabric, Off-seam repairs.


  • Our regular rotation is exclusively first-in-first-out and fluctuates throughout the year from around 2-7 weeks, we’re unable to move garments up in this rotation and for this speed we can only provide a general expected completion timeframe. Typically we are +/- 1 week from this range.

  • We offer four rush speeds to help accommodate special timing (1 WEEK, 2 WEEKS, 3 WEEKS, and 3+ WEEKS). At peak seasons some of these are occasionally not available for a few days at a time.

  • We are exclusively by appointment for both fittings and pickups and our schedule is a bit different each day/week. For any rush scenarios please be aware that you are responsible for ensuring you will have time to come in to pickup your garments. while we offer as many morning and evening appointments as possible, we do have some limitations and are not able to extend additional flexibility regardless of circumstance.


Check out our Pricing page here.


Check out our FAQ page here.

New York City

Our nyc location is closed for a short time. We will have more information about what we’re doing next very soon! Feel free to contact us for our pop-up schedule and locations.