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Interested in a career in fashion? We interview and hire regularly.

We’re a startup based out of Chicago, and certain roles travel regularly to service our customers in nyc. We believe in operating lean, moving quickly, and having a self managed team.

In turn, we expect our team to be experts and to constantly challenge themselves to be better at what they do.

Our culture as a company can be best summarized by the book Rework, and it’s actually a required read as part of our interview process.

Arthur + Lucca is a part of a family of companies that also include NearWest Studio and Commons Hall.

Positions We’re currently hiring for include:

  • Operations/Sales Intern (PT)

If you would like to talk to us about job openings, please send us a well thought out message below detailing precisely how you can add value to our team. This message is the first step of your interview and we believe first impressions are critical.

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