Guide to Shirt Collars


no matter what the general rules of thumb are, wear whatever you are comfortable in. maybe you’ve never thought about the different types of shirt collars there are, or maybe you just started a new job that has an elevated dress code and you’re looking to switch up your style. here are some of the more functional characteristics of the most common shirt collars worn today:



the most casual, not well suited for a necktie, the button down is typical for business casual dress or a weekend event.
TIE Recommendation: no tie



The classic: Point collar is the most common, great for business attire and appropriate to wear sans necktie with 1-2 buttons undone, we would avoid opening up that third button though.
TIE RECOMMENDATION: pratt knot or 4-in-hand knoT



historically a formal collar option, but can now be worn with a wide range of styles . The “Spread” refers to the points between the two collar points, typically spanning 4” to 6'“ apart from each other.
Tie recommendation: half windsor knot


the cutaway

this collar has the largest spread you’ll see, spanning 6.5” to 8” between collar points. Increasingly in its popularity, the cutaway is best suited for formal occasions.
TIE ReCOMMENDATION: double windsor knot

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Nicholas Monterotti