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Custom Clothing

we know fit like no one else in the industry, and we’re building the simplest fitting process possible.


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Are you in New YoRk City? We have pop-ups ~10 times per year, contact us here If you’re located in NYC to confirm dates and times we’re offering fittings and let us know that you are interested.


Interested in setting up a corporate event at our space or your office?

Send us a message here and we’ll have someone on our team follow up with you! Depending on the size of your office/group and what you are interested we may be able to offer special pricing.

*we are not able to order more than 1 of each type of garment during your first round of items. this ensures that there are minimal adjustments needed on your items and keeps our pricing down.

Additional garments without any measurement changes can be made at the discounted price and will not include the fitting process.