Peter Field Faye Sessions Arthur and Lucca Rebrand.jpg

PEter Field and Faye Sessions are now Arthur + Lucca

We’ve rebranded


We’re Still offering the exact same alteration services, and now the new addition of custom clothing for men and women

We’ve combined our womenswear(faye sessions) and menswear(Peter Field) brands into one single entity: Arthur + Lucca

We made the decision to combine our brands in 2018 just before launching our custom clothing options. knowing we would offer both men’s and women’s custom clothing we decided it would be too complex for our customers and team to have to track everything under two different brands.

Peter Field and Faye Sessions had great runs as brands and helped our company grow and develop better services to service our customers. Now we look to the future and aim to make every interaction as smooth and pleasant as possible as we continue to take steps forward.